The ”Libyan Wanderer” marked the 25K viewed on January 2022, marking my first year of launching my website. I thought of putting up a quick review of the top 5 most viewed articles in the first year of launching. Honestly, before starting this website, I always felt scared that it might not work. Looking back, I tended to feel afraid of a lot even before becoming a blogger. However, some people may not consider the website and the former blog on Blogger any different. However, I think they are!

Observing the monthly and yearly statistics of the website, I feel happy that the views remained consistent given the three former years being on Blogger. Many thanks to every reader for taking the time to read, comment, or give feedback. Also, special thanks to my dear friend Feras Bezanti for encouraging me to take this step back in 2020 and for being the intelligent person behind all the technical details here. The website wouldn’t survive without his support and follow-up.

Some habits never change; I am sharing the top 5 articles based on the overall views on each one in 2021.

1- Queen Fatima’s Private Secretary Story in The Kingdom (1968 – 1969)

I have always mentioned how this journey of documentation and writing is, for me, a puzzle. As it progresses, I get to solve more of it and the picture is more clear in my memory. In early 2021, I was reading the book by the Palestinian Libyan Adel Dajani who wrote about his family’s story in Libya. Before reading his book, Mr. Adel reached to me through the website and he sent the most encouraging message to remind me of the importance of blogging. In his letter, he told me about his book and it was not released yet at that time.

After the release date, I got the hardcopy and in the book, I read the name of Queen Fatima’s private secretary and I was curious to know where she is now and her story in Libya. Tracing back the links, I contacted Mr. Adel and asked if he knows where she is, luckily, he did. He put us both in touch and I got the chance to hear the one year incredible experience of Mrs. Sahar Rifai in Libya. This article became the most viewed article since I published it last July. With a total of 1.6K views.

Link: Queen Fatima’s Private Secretary Story in The Kingdom (1968-1969) – Libyan Wanderer

2- Around King Idris Palace: The Palestinian Dajani Family Story in Libya

I mentioned in the first section how I got to interview Queen Fatima’s private secretary, Mrs. Sahar Rifai. Mr. Adel Dajani from a Palestinian family with a long and rich heritage in Palestine. He was born in Libya and lived upon his arrival around the corners of the king’s palace. This article narrates the details around the kingdom from the experience of a Palestinian family that was sent to exile in 1948. They had a story to tell from one of their many stations in life, Libya. It is the second article with most views of 1.4K total views since publishing last June.

Link: Around King Idris Palace: The Palestinian Dajani Family Story in Libya – Libyan Wanderer

3- Revisited Memories From the Chadian-Libyan War articles

This article was one of the articles I wanted to write a long time ago. It includes three testimonies of former officers who were part of the war and they shared their stories and reflections away from politics. The search timeline was not easy and I reached out to many officers but only three eventually approved. This article received about 900 views since publishing last February.

Link: Revisited Memories From The Chadian-Libyan War – Libyan Wanderer

4- Tracing Gaddafi’s Regime Through Art: The Libyan Artist Mazen Shtewi

In this article, I shared the story of an artist from Libya who decided to focus on politics in his work. There is indeed a biases in the artwork of the artist as he favors the persona and regime of Muammar Gaddafi. I have been following his work for awhile and I got the chance to interview him two years ago. The article was only published last year and his artwork reflects the artist’s point of views and reflections through his journey. It received about 800 views since publishing last May. articles

Link: Tracing Gaddafi’s Regime Through Art: The Libyan Artist Mazen Shtewi – Libyan Wanderer

5- Get to Know The Story of a Human: Amaka

Finally, this article is one of my personal favorites. It was the breaking point or the realization point when I had my interview with Amaka. My interview with him was one of the very few interviews that got me truly emotional which rarely happens. I published it as the first article when I launched the website. The article received over 600 views since publishing in January of 2021.

Link: Get to Know The Story of a Human: Amaka – Libyan Wanderer