For the past four years, I have gotten the opportunity to contribute to many platforms, nationally and internationally. Writing for other platforms has given me the chance to expand my knowledge and make my voice heard on a wider level. Also, it has greatly helped me to make connections and share my opinion on numerous topics but especially, those revolving around my country of birth, Libya. I believe that as a blogger and content creator, it is important to share and write for other platforms in order to expand your audience reach. Here, I am sharing with you the platforms I have contributed to and these are the following: 

1- Ascend Magazine – Thawra Issue 

2- Arab Research & Advocacy Bureau

3- De-Orientalizing Art Organization

4- Huna Libya 

5- Libya Abroad

6- Libya Herald

7- Project Silphium 

8- RNW Media

9- Sister-hood Magazine

10- The Metric Organization 

11- Unootha Magazine

12- Dune Magazine

13- The Best of Africa

14- University World News