My podcasting journey began in late 2019 when I began to see more content related to recorded audio. I have always been the reader kind of people. But around that time, I wanted to give podcasts a shot. It was definitely worth it because I was missing out so much! However, I wanted to discover podcasts in Arabic and see the diversity of the content myself. Let me tell you this, I was amazed by how amazing and diverse the content was. I first discovered the advanced and professional Libyan podcast called Da Miri podcast by Tarek Elmiri and it was amazing to follow up the progress of season one at that time. During the same time, I found many other podcasts which I will share a brief about in this article.

1- Podcast Eib (عيب)

This is by far my all time favourite podcast by Sowt. The term Sowt stands for “voice”. It is an Arabic-language independent podcasting network based in Amman, Jordan. One of their famous podcasts is Eib which is the Arabic word for ”disgrace”. In this podcast, you will get to discover stories that are considered Eib in Arabic societies.

For example motherhood through generations, Porn, harassment within digital spaces, the body image, eating issues, and the list goes on and on. What I love about this podcast is that it portrays the true struggles within the Arabic societies around different topics which are addressed in western societies but the context is quite detailed and more complicated.

2- Ya Rayeh

Ya Rayeh is another podcast by Sowt. In this podcast you will get to hear stories of people who dreamed of leaving their home countries and relocate in foreign countries (not primarily western countries). Also those dreaming of having another nationality. It shares the motives and reasons of different people and their conquest for a new home away from their home countries.

I enjoy listening to this podcast because it provides another perspective and spectrum to see people’s experiences with leaving their home countries behind. Also, to imagine the hurdles they encountered throughout their journey.

3- Dom Tak

If you want to track music history in the Arab world then Dom Tak is the podcast to listen to. I was amazed by the information provided by this podcast. The stories and realities of many well known songs by famous artists, such as Fayrouz, Nahawand, Aziza Jalal, Ibtisam Lutfi. The podcast also provides information about the history of music genres. For example, Arabic rap and all the bits and pieces linked to this music genre in the region. The politics, the socio complex traces of different genres and how they found their way in the Arab World, with a twist!

4- Jasadi (My body)

It is a podcast produced by Kerning Cultures Network and it is the first in Arabic. In this podcast which shares stories of the body and the soul and the intersection between the two. It provides a good starting point to anyone who is struggling to understand his or her body. From body image to the sexual relationship we have and understand of our bodies. It is not exclusively for women but it is also for men and it gives you a deeper sense of how we perceive our bodies.

5- Bhob – بحب (With Love)

Love, a profound feeling yet simple and complicated at the same time, gives us the chance to feel in an authentic and raw way. Bhob is a podcast produced by Kerning Cultures Network shares stories and everything about and around love. We explore love in all its forms through stories from across the region. A journey with which listeners get to dive into love stories with their details and complexities, and tell about all the moments that revolve around them, from joy, confusion, and pain.

If you have any other suggestions of podcasts you enjoy listening to (not necessarily in Arabic), please don’t hesitate to share it with me though contact me section on my website.