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Here we are, finally reaching the end of 2022. This year has been the fastest, or I may have been the busiest, not to notice how short time flew by. 2022 has been filled with blessings and opportunities but also many challenges and lost chances. It has been the hardest for me in terms of continuously testing my patience. I could manage everything, but it wasn’t easy, I would say the least. However, 2022 has been my calmest and most peaceful year. There is a mid-year reflection article I published this past summer.

I got the chance to re-organize myself and my network. Eventually, I realized I hadn’t been my most authentic self in the past years. Before, I got in touch with people I was not supposed to encounter. Honestly, if I could take the time back and unmeet them, I would gladly do it. However, this is not how life works. There will be certain regrets that I will carry with me forever, but I am at peace with it. Yet, those encounters helped me mature, and I gained experience dealing with people.

As a result, I managed to disconnect with so many people throughout the past two years, including 2022, and I have no regrets. In fact, I finally found my peace, and I no longer seek to remain connected as a form of acceptance or validation, even if it now means that I am absent, by choice, from the community back home. In 2022, I learned that opinions have consequences and that choosing your words wisely matters. Also, you don’t have to share or have an opinion about everything, and that’s okay.

Making Change, for Real, in 2022

Throughout 2022, or since the end of 2020, during COVID-19, I realized that many things needed to change. Including myself, hopefully for the better. I decided throughout this year to continue working on myself. I learned how to build healthy boundaries, actively listen (I realized I am not a good listener), and improve my personal and professional connections.

Also, I managed to focus on enjoying and living in the present time. More than going back and forth between worrying about the future and regretting the past. This year, I refused utterly to waste my time on anything or anyone that is energy-draining, and I can say I succeeded at this. It helped me improve my work and develop new skills, so I feel that I managed my time effectively, which I am proud of the most.

Previously, I used to fill an internal gap with fake and destructive connections. Later, I realized I should not have engaged in those networks or relationships in any way, which affected me in the long term. Nonetheless, this year, I genuinely felt good from the inside. I don’t have a void to fill because I have finally accepted myself and see things and people for who they are. Let me tell you; it has been a game-changer. I no longer seek validation from others, and I learned that it comes from me and myself only, not from other people.

This year,

I craved normality; I miss home, family, and a normal lifestyle. Besides, I have been on the go for over five years and didn’t catch my breath properly. Honestly, I tried to manage my health and how I deal with too much work, but I don’t think I entirely succeeded. The least I can say is that accumulated stress is dangerous. Indeed, it is a new lesson so I could deal better with stress and anxiety the next time, especially with unexpected events.

Regardless, I got to embrace the change the blog went through this year. I am no longer blogging as much or the way I used to. Gladly, I am okay with this new change. The blog will be more of an open outlet. Publications will remain few to keep the domain running until next year. Initially, I didn’t want to renew the domain, but that would have meant that the blog would disappear. I didn’t have time to manage this part. Thus, I decided to renew it and take my time to decide if next year would be my last as a blogger. Still, I don’t think I have any plans, projects, or ambitions regarding the blog. I enjoyed the articles I wrote and my passion, but the changes I am making somehow influenced my blogging journey. The blog wasn’t my main priority for this year.

There is Always a Blessing in Disguise

Ultimately, I am grateful for both the good and the bad. I constantly reminded myself that there are hidden blessings in bad situations; it is just how we decide to deal with difficult circumstances. I am still learning to improve myself, my actions, and my reactions. At least I got the chance to be my most genuine self this year, and I will always be thankful for it. I hope your 2022 was excellent, and may the next years be even more awesome. Until the following article, see you in 2023.