Galleria De Bono

Galleria De Bono, located in Tripoli’s Algeria Square, was built in 1931 during the Italian colonization period under Pietro Badoglio. He was the first unique governor of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica. The gallery opened in 1934 during the reign of Governor Emilio De Bono. The building has witnessed many events, including generations, cultures, customs, and traditions of Tripolitanians.

The building included four parts, and its owners submitted a request to the municipality for a license to build it. Still, they did not obtain approval. Then they turned to the military governor, De Bono. Eventually, he agreed but requested the building bear his name, Galleria De Bono. Initially, the building had a roof of glass panels. However, when Balbo took over, he removed the glass roof.

Every evening, an orchestra presented musical performances to the hall’s pioneers. It also held art exhibitions that delighted its visitors. During Gaddafi’s era, it was called the Karama Gallery. An Italian Architecture firm named OTAVIO DI BLASI & Partners (ODB) published a development plan in 2007. Nonetheless, the project was not further proceeded, and the building faced further neglect.

Source: Karama Gallery – OTTAVIO DI BLASI & Partners (

Tripoli’s Central Municipality announced in May 2022 that the building would be maintained and developed soon. Many have welcomed the announcement though the municipality provided no further details. It shows that many people would want to see Tripoli’s landmarks sustained and preserved in the best way possible without diminishing their original status.