Houlgate Beach, July 2022

I can’t believe we are almost mid-July of this year. Initially, I was supposed to publish this mid-year article in early July. However, I got caught up, so I had to delay it a little. I am sure there are many questions one can ask when reaching the first half of the year. For example, how did I do? What was different or surprising? Was it about your feelings or more about achievements? There are countless questions one can ask and try to answer to reflect more deeply.

Some people may have set a few goals and milestones to reach in the first half of the year. At the same time, others are more relaxed and prefer to instead take it one day at a time. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with both. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise!

I don’t think I ever published an article about this topic. There were some years when I made some plans. In contrast, some projects ended up failing or got put on hold. Eventually, I changed some of my dreams and interests and lost ”an appetite” for particular goals, especially since I felt pressured to set goals for the year to come. Life sometimes has a say about things before a year even starts. So, I began to plan short-term goals or tasks based on the opportunities I had in hand to avoid the pressure and high expectations from pre-set goals. It is more suitable for me, and in this way, I achieve more than I had in mind.

For ”Mid-Year 2022” reflection,

I have mixed feelings. It is not flawed nor perfect because there were many happy, small, and big moments. Anyhow, it takes me a few weeks to realize that we have started a new year already. It was similar to opening a fresh slate with the freedom to create and do whatever you want, technically! I have been working on my peace of mind and comfort for almost two years. I realized that I needed peace of mind, more or less. Therefore, I took a few steps to keep my peace a priority. Honestly, one can fall into old toxic patterns, but I am still fighting not to lose after this long.

Staying Away From Old Patterns

For the first half, I think I have succeeded in protecting my peace, to an extent, and managed to keep away unnecessary drama and discomfort. I can use the term boring to describe the first half, but I would be lying if I used it. It passed on a regular note, and that’s more than enough and good for me, Alhamdulillah. I tried to fix a connection but couldn’t. At the same time, I revised my previous actions from the year before and went out of my usual ways.

I understand now that it is okay even if I couldn’t fix certain connections. At least I broke an old pattern and did what I thought was right. Until this moment, I was listening to Fairouz’s song ”Ma Kedert Neseet – I couldn’t forget” and felt I could fix it. However, I understand that thinking in a logical manner is what matters.

Some connections are not meant to happen or to get fixed; this is how life is. Some relationships, not necessarily emotional, don’t work so that they can leave room for better and more enriching connections. From certain relationships I had throughout last year, I realized that I still have much to work on and help myself get better.

Some old and bad experiences negatively affected how I communicate with people. I saw it with some connections I had last year, throughout my healing process, which I tried to fix earlier this year. For almost two years, I have promised myself that I will continue to protect my peace and keep healthy boundaries. I already feel better on many levels and that I am directing my energy towards worthwhile things and people. Now I utterly refuse to waste any more time and energy on those who don’t matter or have taken me for granted.

Blogging in 2022 is similar to 2017, But With a Twist

The blog’s status is the most significant change or surprise for the first half of 2022. This year is undoubtedly different for me as a blogger. Somehow, I began to feel overwhelmed by increased responsibilities and plans. As a result, I couldn’t blog as I used to in the last four years. Honestly, I think my articles are not as creative as before.

I have only had two or three interviews, and I think I only published two of them. Following the blog from 2019 until 2021, you will notice I had more discussions. The published rate is considered very low compared to the 2021 posted scheme. The blog stats are also standard in terms of engagement. I am not forgetting that I stopped blogging for over a month throughout the last six months. Regardless, throughout the first half, I realized that it is okay how the situation is as long as I am enjoying writing.

I don’t have to give up what gives me hope and pleasure just because I am not as creative as I used to be. Instead, I should be less harsh on myself and enjoy it even if I publish less. In 2017, I remembered the beginning of this blogging journey and was learning slowly but gradually. I posted way less but focused on quality rather than quantity. With practice, I became faster and started to publish at a high rate. However, it is still okay to publish less or even.

Things Didn’t Go According to Plan: Mid-Year Challenges

As I mentioned, I came up with short-term plans throughout the first half, and until now, the major project or goal(s) I have been working on for the last couple of years ended up rejected again. I have done my part, but it hasn’t worked out yet. I got a glimpse of hope a month ago, but that soon faded.

It is frustrating and caused me discomfort and a lack of motivation and direction toward this career path as a consultant. Being a consultant has been incredible but comes with high risk and being overworked most of the time. It has kept me on my toes and left me feeling overwhelmed. Adding to this, I miss my family terribly and need to be with them the most. Nonetheless, even that is out of my hand because of some lagging administration procedures in France.

Taking Care of Myself Better

One of the things I am happy I started focusing on for the past few months is my physical health. I will be running in a race this year in a few months and started earlier this year with training. Taking care of my physical health has helped tremendously and gave a sense of order in my life. Being able to run and challenge myself along with my repeated and consistent schedule has been challenging. I am glad I am keeping it a habit and focusing on myself regardless of how busy I get with work. It is good to break the work cycle and make time for yourself. It is, in fact, a necessity and more important than work.

How about your mid-year reflection? Did it go as you hoped it to be? What was more challenging for you? I hope this reflection article can inspire you to think about your reflections. Feel free to share your feedback in the contact me section.