Cornflakes, a simple act done by thousands of people, if not millions, worldwide. I cannot confirm the exact number of how many people who wake up every morning to eat cornflakes. It became un automatic kind of action. So many people would probably be in a rush and end up pouring cold milk and cornflakes so effortlessly.

There is the morning sugar rush aspect of having cornflakes first thing in the morning. How many times have you really thought of this action? Do you usually take cornflakes for granted? Do you consider it a real breakfast or just a quick snack?

It is Beyond a Breakfast

Milk and cornflakes witnessed many happy memories and even sad ones. Childhood memories are directly linked with cornflakes and milk, particularly hot milk. I always get flashbacks of when my mom warmed the milk for my brother, Ibrahem, and I so we can add the cornflakes. How much should we pour was always the question. I am the type who likes less milk and more flakes. There is this connection of emotions with this simple meal, if you could call it a meal.

Sometimes we end up pouring our hearts out just like we pour the cornflakes. By the way, I am never random when I add my cornflakes. It should not be too much nor too little. The milk must be seen between the spaces of the flakes. I also need to be quick before the flakes get soggy and the milk turns cold. I hate cold milk, I tried it but I am never keen to it. The warmth of the memories and how innocent we used to be. I haven’t had it in awhile. Only recently, I decided to have it more often.

It wasn’t a random decision at all. In fact, having it in the morning or before bed, just like when I was a kid, brought warmth again. Living alone for this long, almost three years, could be considered short. But we are talking about 912 days in total. 912 days of dealing with myself on my own and maybe I wasn’t ready to confront my own self. But who is ever ready anyway?

Maybe I just needed comfort and I found it this meal.