Our reality today changed the common narrative we are used to, even in love. Life is no longer the same. No one knows when it will resume to its initial state. We walk around today seeing people wearing masks everywhere. No matter how hard it was for us to comprehend the new reality, we must cope with it. Today marks a very special day, it is Valentine’s day. A day celebrated worldwide with flowers, heart-shaped chocolate, and gifts. ”Love is in the air” as the motto says. However, today it is sadly not in the air. Even the narrative sustained around this day is not the same!

The good and bad side of social media is that it works as a reminder. Thanks to it, we remember events and special occasions because life became too consuming. How many times have you remembered a birthday of someone you know? I bet Facebook reminded you and you rushed wishing that person a ”happy birthday”.

Different ”Love” Day

I am sorry but it is the truth. I personally lost sense of reality. I became so tasks oriented that I no longer focus on the date of the day. Honestly, it won’t really matter what day it is as long as I have tasks to finish. I tried to ease it a little on myself but time matters and I can’t afford it.

Last year, I spent Valentine’s Day with my some friends then I went with my friend, Faten, to the Eiffel Tower. Watching lovers dance, strangers taking pictures, the sound of music blasting the air. It was very cold yet felt beautiful. Looking back at that time, it was a lovely day and I could feel all the love here in the city of love, Paris.

Today, I am missing so much from love. I miss the genuine love of my close friends, the laughter and happiness. I miss my parent’s love and their hugs. Hugging is a ritual in our house. I miss hugging my parents and my brothers. I miss the love I feel when we have our dancing nights. I miss feeling love by everything round me.