I sat for too long thinking about the right thing to write. I wrote lines and I ended up deleting them over and over again. I wanted to begin with something deep but I found out the simplest, the easiest it will be to convey the beauty of motherhood.

I tried to describe it but then I remembered that I am not a mother and I don’t know if I will give it justice. However, if I am to describe it, I would say it represents love, kindness, comfort, peace, support, dedication, warmth. It represents anything and everything beautiful in life. To be a mom means to be a guardian angel that is ready to guard you with her wings forever.
As you are reading the title, you can tell that I’m writing about a hero and who said heroes don’t exist! They exist in real life and they make it their mission to be there for us and save us every time we are scared or in doubt. My hero in life is my mom. She dedicated her life to my siblings and me. She wasn’t the typical Libyan mother, she was raised traditionally but she made sure I wasn’t raised the same way.
My mom is a science teacher and she’s been teaching generations for almost 30 years. She wasn’t only a teacher who loved her students but she was a teacher at home. She taught us the definition of love and kindness. She made sure that we were best friends and it is okay to tell her everything and anything because she wasn’t going to judge me for it. 
My mom is my best friend. I take her advice about everything and, every time, she makes things better. It’s like as if she has a magic stick that everything gets better by a touch. She made sure along with my father that education was a priority and it’s what’s going to help us get better in life.

She never talked to me about marriage or made it seem like a priority. Even though I’m a grown up now, she always tells me to choose and decide wisely when it comes to this matter and that it’s not really a priority as the society makes it seem. She told me it’s best when you are independent and you achieve what you hope to achieve, also, experience life and learn valuable lessons before starting a family.
Being away from home this long made me appreciate my mom even more and what she has been doing for our family. She always makes sure that we come back home from school or work to a loving house and she never hesitated to make for us whatever we wanted and she supported us endlessly.

I believe that home is where a mother is. Without a mother, a house will feel empty and lifeless. May Allah grant my mother and all mothers health and happiness and may he rest those who left life in peace. I love you, mom.