Muad Hrezi

Muad Hrezi, a first-generation Libyan-American, is currently running for Congress. After his parents sought asylum in the United States, he grew up in Connecticut. He holds a degree in public health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Muad’s passion for running led him to run for Congress to improve the system that has failed many citizens in the U.S.

He has always kept his community in mind. He and his family went through many struggles and setbacks because of the system’s injustices. As a 17-year-old, Muad went to the emergency room with pneumonia and was denied care because of his family’s medical debt. Thus, it was a breaking point for him which changed his view of the health system in the U.S.

The Short- & Long-Term Impacts

Hrezi reflected through the interview on the effects of the political system in the U.S., adding that every political system worldwide impacts people’s lives directly. With the world economy crashing and reflecting negatively on the U.S. system, his family went through a hard time; many people lost their jobs, reduced paychecks, and the healthcare system kept many people uninsured. As a result, many people were struck with medical debt, even while having insurance.

After graduating in 2018, Muad worked as a policy advisor for U.S. Senator from Connecticut, Chris Murphy. He provided advice on the health policy and social issues to make as many improvements as possible for the community in Connecticut. Reaching Congress, Muad plans to develop a Medicare for All system to eliminate private health insurance. Also, beyond eliminating private health insurance, extending to reducing the Pharmaceutical fees, among the highest globally.

The Road Ahead

Although Muad has made progress since he announced him running for Congress, challenges prevail. The multi-million dollar companies benefiting from the current system are critical challenges as they benefit significantly from the available system. However, it is a matter of elected officials to make the required changes within the system. Thus far, people are happy with Muad’s work and initiatives to improve his community. Communication with people is essential, and he feels that people feel refreshed to see him running for Congress. Determined to make positive and transformative changes.

Finally, he insisted that political participation is crucial. “The more you get involved, the better things are,” Muad added. When young people are interested, they pressure the system and decision-makers to change. Determination and thrive are what I immediately noticed when interviewing Muad, and these take people to places to become changemakers. 

You can follow Muad’s work on Twitter @muadhrezi and check his website for more information: Hrezi for Congress.