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Rice: as a complex carb, it is the primary source of energy for over half of the world’s people. Depending on the strain of rice, it can contain decent amounts of fibre, protein, vitamin B, and iron. This means it can play a vital role against malnutrition. It has a huge importance in many cuisines worldwide and it is important to cook it for a specific time and way based on the dish you are planning to have. Long or short grain rice, or simple plain white rice or risotto, the quantity of water differs and it could make it or break it for the cook.

However, this simple dish could go beyond the information stated above. It represents stories of cultures, societies and families. Today, I cooked it and it is not my first time to cook it! Previously, I used to struggle whenever I have to cook it because I didn’t get it right from the first time! Although I only need water or stock to cook it but it wasn’t easy. I had times where grains turned squishy or undercooked that I couldn’t eat it.

It is Beyond,

But it is not always just rice. Remembering how my mom cooks rice and the way she took care of it has always been extraordinary. For me, this grain reminds me of happy times, ”rice with liver” which my mom cooks in special occasions and ”rice with fried potato cubes and carrots” brings warmth into my heart, not only my tummy.

This simple dish is about the happy memories and laughter, it is about my loving family. Alone and away from home, I cooked it on this day and again, I instantly remembered my sweet and loving mother. In addition, the memory of her care and love in everything she did and still does for us. I cooked my plain rice with bay leaves just like my mother, nothing fancy.

No matter how many times I cook it, I always set up my alarm to 20 minutes. In order to make sure it cooks evenly. Well some habits never change! Those 20 minutes always matter. This dish is about gatherings, laughter, and love. It is a tradition to celebrate this dish with my family back home. Maybe one day, my children will have this loving memory with rice, too.