It is 2 am now and I decided to write this because I have so much going on inside my mind. Today, I pushed myself and went out for a walk. Who ever thought that one day, we will have to think twice before going out because we are living in a world facing a pandemic.

Anyway, it is a situation we have to cope with until a cure is discovered but until then, this is our reality. I had a different feeling when I was out, I was paying more attention to every detail around me, not because of the current situation but because of something else. 
You may not know but I finished my last semester in my graduate studies two weeks ago and I cannot believe it is finally over. However, I am going through a mix of emotions. I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that I studied a semester while being in quarantine alone and away from home. It was a critical situation and required a lot of concentration and support to remain sane. I will always be grateful to close friends and family for their support and help during this time.
Moreover, this means that I am going to be a graduate in this critical situation and I don’t know what the next chapter holds for me. Again, I have to remain focused during the upcoming period and do my best. However, I am not writing this because of what’s coming next but because I realized the complicated relationship I had with the city of love, Paris.

The place that became my second home. It is the city I started to discover and learn its system on my own. I discovered myself in a very profound way here. I cried more than I ever did and laughed too. I made amazing memories that I will cherish forever. I realized that Paris became part of me and knowing that, maybe or maybe not, I would have to go to another place breaks my heart a little because it truly became my home and living here shaped me incredibly and gave me so much strength. 
I think I was too afraid to get attached to this city that I kept looking for all the bad in it until I found myself realizing the love I have for it. Two years may seem like a short period of time but it was enough for me to learn so much and develop on a personal level.

There are some things that I wish if they happened while I am here but I am sure there is a reason behind them not happening and I won’t argue with fate. The results I am getting out of this experience are not only my degree but much more than that and I will always remember the good and the bad I encountered in the city of love.