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Online content and the spread of information have been developing through the years. Starting from written content shared on websites and slowly through social media platforms. Then it evolved into visual content through pictures and videos, especially on Instagram and YouTube. Furthermore, with the speed of time we live, where people have less time to sit and read, users shifted their usage to audio content through podcasts. The latter has provided a new way for users to be easily and quickly informed. Sometimes, you only want to listen to the information or the story because you simultaneously have to do something else. So it shows how podcasts today are time efficient and direct.

In this article, I am sharing several podcasts by Libyans to follow, given the variety of audio content we have today. It is essential to show the emerging podcasts to provide informative content to users worldwide, especially Arabic-speaking listeners.

1- Da Miri Podcast

Tariq Elmiri founded the Da Miri podcast in 2019. It is considered one of the most listened to podcasts in Libya, especially Arabic. It also alleviates the professional standards in podcasting. The concept of podcasts in Libya was introduced in the past three to five years and got tremendous follow-up when Da Miri started broadcasting. He has been sharing stories from Libyans, especially abroad, from different fields and professions. However, their link to Libya is a necessity. Da Miri’s podcast gives a taste of home and nostalgia from those abroad.

Da Miri Podcast — Tariq Elmeri

2- Tea With Almonds Podcast

Hannah Ghazal, a Libyan-British, is the Tea with Almonds podcast founder. She is a teacher and a mom of two beautiful children. Initially, Hannah started it during the break of COVID-19 with her cousin. It is in Arabic, and tackles many topics for everyone and not exclusively for women. Previously tackling self-love and Autism, but in her second season, she focuses on entrepreneurship and economic development in Libya. I have previously interviewed Hannah on Tea with Almonds’ podcast, so that you can check the full story here.

شاهي باللوز Teawithalmonds | Podcast on Spotify

3- Libya Matters

If you are looking for a podcast to understand the political situation in Libya in English, then Libya Matters is the one! It is part of the LFJL. It provides a detailed analysis of Libyan society’s different political and social aspects. Also, sessions have high-profile hosts who discuss and provide their expertise on many topics linked to justice, conflict, and social movements.

Libya Matters Podcast by LFJL (libyanjustice.org)

4- Nourishment

Nour Yagoubi is Libyan-British and the founder of the Nourishment podcast. Her episodes are in English, where she shares successful and inspiring stories from the Libyan community. Furthermore, she highlights people from different fields and professions. She has been exclusively highlighting inspiring Libyan women through her episodes.

Nourishment on Apple Podcasts

5- Podcast Moufid

Founded by Tasnim Elmoghrabi, Moufid shares episodes that discuss the work environment and market in Libya. Additionally, Moufid is an Arabic term which translates to helpful in English. While also sharing insights and learnings on self-development. In addition, the language used in this podcast is Arabic.

بودكاست مُفيد on Apple Podcasts

6- Nebi Nafhim

Salma Sherif is the founder of the Nebi Nafhim (I want to understand) podcast. She is one of the consistent podcasters in her episodes and diversity in content. Through her podcast, she tackles inspiring stories through interviews and self-reflection topics to better understand ourselves. Please note that her podcast is in Arabic.

نبي نفهم (google.com)