It is 1 am here and I am writing this on December 12th 2020. (This was basically drafted last year!) You may have guessed it right, today’s piece is all about assumptions. People tend to make wrong assumptions and it is wrong. It is sad too, because social media has given the chance to people to judge others. That is based on pictures they post and sometimes statues they write. You will never know people through social media, no matter how hard your try. People are not what they tend to seem or even post!

For example, one day, someone I only knew from social media. Well, barely knew, sent me out of the blue a video of a very unpolite girl. Basically, he told me that she reminds him of me and I was shocked and furious! I simply replied that if we haven’t met in real life then your assumptions are wrong!

Reality of assumptions

I started to share memes on social media last year. I used it as a mechanism to deal with the reality and ease it on myself. This made him think that I am a loud, provocative, and unpolite person when I am not. Sharing memes is something I started on doing earlier this year. With the beginning of quarantine as a tool to ease the hardships I am going through. I don’t share stuff to impress people. Mainly, not to have people assuming things about me that are far from true.

The bottom line

If you never interacted in any form with a person you only know through social media. Let me remind you that whatever you will assume is unrealistic. It can also be hurtful because you cannot just come up to someone and judge them like that.

Be careful with your words and remember that people are showing you what they want to show and nothing more. People have struggles and their personalities are not what you see on social media. For example, people would think I am an extrovert when I am an extreme introvert and serious. Remember that social media platforms are misleading and you should never take them for granted.