Soul Searching – Raghad Jalal

Raghad Jalal is a 24 years-old Libyan photographer based in the UK. A Film & Photography graduate of Richmond The American International University in London, she was born and raised in Tripoli. Later in her life, she moved to the UK. Raghad also works as a freelance photographer, videographer, and social media manager. Music has always been a passion of hers. Inspired by her father’s love for documentation; Raghad began to experiment with photography after the revolution in 2011. Libyan

For her, sinking into music is a form of inspiration she follows through her work. Her main aim is to show the world that there is more to Libyans than war and struggles. No one knows how far Libyans have come or the talents Libyans have. Yet, Raghad expressed that our school system in Libya is considered rich and underrated at times, regardless of the existing gaps. She got to learn so much while based and studying in Libya and she realized it after moving to the UK. Libyan

Through The Eyes

Hide & Shame

After moving to the UK; Raghad got the chance to reflect and compare. As she expressed, overwhelmed by the exposure to life. Because in Libya, there have certain standards created by society to follow and act upon. Through the Eyes project, a result of six months of work was an opportunity for Raghad to reflect on her personal social and religious experiences. The concept of identity was always there with her. In Libya, you have to behave in a certain way when you speak to relatives while it is different when you do with friends. Judged by how you speak, look, and even think especially when it is about women.

”She left us…. washing away the shame. The brutal executioner returns and is thrown”.

Inspiration & Reflections Libyan

Influenced by Mona Hatoum, a British-Palestinian multimedia and installation artist. Also, Francesca Stern Woodman, an American photographer best known for her black and white pictures. Through her project, Raghad wanted to talk about the struggles of Arab women in general but to reflect on her personal experience. It was a new experience for her to work on such a long and detailed project but yet challenging. However, Raghad hopes this project reflects on people, especially in Libya, and to feel connected with.

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