Tripoli, the capital of Libya, is known by citizens as the Mediterranean’s mermaid. It is known for its long and beautiful coastline. I have previously written an article called “My Dear Tripoli”, I expressed in it the love I have for this mesmerizing city. It reflects clearly the Italian colonization mixed with Tripoli’s own culture and tradition.
The beauty of this city is everywhere. You can find it in old buildings, in people running around through the hustle. Unfortunately, every day’s hustle manages to blind us from the beauty of this city. However, in the last couple of years, I decided to not miss any of it. I began to dig deeper into my country’s history.
There is another side of Tripoli which took my breath away, it is the old city. I knew it but I never thought that I pass by it whenever I drive to the Corniche. It is sad that I have never visited it with my family.This year, my best friend and I decided to pay the former French consulate a visit and it was by coincidence.

We were blown away by everything. It was our first visit. We even bought books. I told my family about it and they were very excited as well that we decided on a day to visit it again but this time, we wanted to see everything. Once I was inside the old city, I was automatically taken into a different era. You will see pictures I took through my visit. Each picture in this article speaks for itself. It is clear and needs no further explanation.