Mental illness is one of the least discussed topics in my society. If you bring it up in any group discussion; it will be automatically related to craziness or being cursed by demons. Sadly, people lack information and understanding of this topic because, in fact, mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions that affect your mood, health, and behavior. 
For example, so many girls suffer from eating disorders at some point in their lives. However, people don’t consider it as a mental illness when it is. It can get serious. I, myself, suffered from an eating disorder. It lasted for three or four years of deprivation and stress. I couldn’t bear the idea of weight gain; it was somehow eating my brain tissues because of overthinking. I was fighting my own self until I learned the healthier way to recover and I am happy now.

There are other types of mental disorders as depression, anxiety, Bipolar, and many others. People must acknowledge that it is not a temporary experience and some can suffer their entire life. Depression can be caused by built up stress. They don’t realize that not only our bodies get sick, our psychology too!
A number of Libyan artists have managed to shed light on this subject through their artwork. They portrayed mental disorders in a way like never before. There was a story of struggle, pain, and agony within every painting and picture. I was grabbed by every detail. I found myself roaming around the gallery looking for more work. It was powerful and full of emotions.

They have not only used paintings to express their vision but they also used short films that showcased what a person goes through when has a mental disorder. The films were without talking which had an extra impact and grabbed the viewer’s attention. In my mere opinion, the art gallery was a big success and I applaud them for the efforts they put into it.

Many people suffer from mental disorders from time to time. It lasts longer with others. Mental illness is not just a period of time one suffers from; it is a constant fight within you. We shouldn’t use mental illness as an excuse but we must at least inform ourselves and pay attention to those who might suffer from. Each will have a different experience and will drift slowly away from life. It is not and never easy to anyone. In the other hand, recovery means to acknowledge your pain and deal with it.