Houn, the oasis of beauty and authenticity, will be celebrating the 25th round of the famous Fall festival in October. In this event, the city showcases the town’s most beautiful traditions and practices. Personally, I am always at owe of how lively this oasis and its people are. From Houn beats every fall for the dates season. A festival in which its people revive arts in all its forms and types. Also

The Autumn Festival is a season that celebrates culture and art. Inaugurating the city with a history that transcends with songs and inspiring artists. Since 1996, several state institutions and volunteers cooperated in holding the festival. People from all over Libya go every year to celebrate the Fall Festival. The willingness to celebrate this festival overtook the unstable situation in Libya. In a clear persistence on living and celebrating life. Moreover

The Oasis of Hope

Houn is a place where everyone in it is deeply connected to life. They celebrate it in every beautiful way possible. With the dreams of children, determination of mothers, and the wisdom of old men and women. Also

Places connected with life are those where hearts never cease to love

Every year, this festival reminds us of the beauty of Libya’s culture and traditions. Our diversity is what makes us special and shows how unique Libyans are in every part of the country. The festival involves many musical, poetry, and artistic events. The Authentic Heritage Exhibition is one of the most important exhibitions in the festival. In addition to

Society’s Collectiveness Houn

The festival is a living testimony of the society’s collectiveness and solidarity. Cultural voluntary and civil institutions have contributed to strengthening the foundations of the cultural renaissance. Empowering both young men and women in the cultural and intellectual movement. Through literary creativity or literary salons and press writings. In addition, through filmmaking in a clear attempt to embody the city’s rich heritage of creativity. Also. In addition to

By the Libyan Artist Emad Sanussi

The festival’s civil committee intends to hold a competition for the most beautiful street in the city. Many local artists are creating colourful murals around cities in Houn. The festival will include many art and heritage exhibitions. Showcasing traditional clothing, folk dishes and old equipment. Moreover, pottery carvings, painting and old publications. Also

The festival will also witness the presentation of a variety of artistic performances. Many civil institutions will participate. Theatrical performances and artistic concerts incorporating in the celebration. Not forgetting popular games that are held on the slopes of sand dunes, desert cars and short films. In addition to

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