Walking towards Banco Di Roma from Ban Bahr, you won’t miss the Othman Pasha School by its bright green-colored door and its visible domes, a notable historical establishment in Tripoli specializing in Islamic sciences. During Ottoman rule, the madrasa (school) was founded in 1654 and named after the Ottoman governor Othman Pasha al-Saqizli. ‎

The school’s strategic location highlights its significance in the urban landscape, specifically in the Bab Al Bahr area. It is close to the Bab Darghouth Pasha entrance, a primary thoroughfare connecting the old city to the seaside. Additionally, the school and Darghout Pasha Mosque are situated on the central axis that leads to the city’s interior. This makes them crucial elements of the city’s axis and overall progress.

As you enter the school, you’ll be greeted by a square-shaped inner courtyard. It houses over ten rooms made of bright marble. You can notice the columns topped with crowns and adorned with two Ottoman domes. The court opens to a yard with school amenities and a courtyard with intricate inscriptions and Ottoman taps.

Until now,

The Othman Pasha School still offers regular religious education using the system of circles in different Islamic sciences. The educators who taught at the school were highly respected Libyan scholars from the first generation of graduates. Among the notable scholars were Mohammed Kamel Ben Mustafa and Omar Al-Ganzouri—for example, Mohammed Kamel Ben Mustafa was a well-known religious scholar from Libya, born in 1828 in Zawiya. He was deeply interested in education and took over the issuance of fatwas. He studied at the school of Othman Pasha, where he taught and mentored numerous students who later became esteemed scholars.

As described in one of the blogs I found, ”The school, despite its small size, has effectively safeguarded Tripoli’s Islamic and cultural legacy.” The Othman Pasha School is one of Tripoli’s most fundamental and top-performing schools. It has managed to preserve its crucial sections over time. Further investigation and in-depth research can be carried out on this school to shed light on other aspects.