I am writing and posting about my blogging anniversary a little late this year. It is the first time since I started blogging that I have forgotten my blogging anniversary and the yearly post. Well, there is always a first time! On April 21, 2017, I started my blog, the former platform ‘Mylifeasahumanandasalibyan,’ on Blogger. After that, I launched this website, ‘Libyan Wanderer,’ on January 1, 2021. I celebrate this occasion yearly by posting a blog post to reflect on and share my experience. For the 6th blogging anniversary, I decided to publish an article anyway, even if it passed the yearly posting date!

Looking back, the 2022 blogging anniversary post was quite remarkable. I got to be very detailed and reflected thoroughly on my five years of blogging (You may refer to it for more details). This year, I want to reflect on the significant changes I made and realized as a blogger between April 2022 and April 2023. I have repeatedly advised in previous years that consistency is vital. As a blogger and content creator, having continuous, diverse, and exciting stories and content is crucial. To grow your platform and connect with your audience, you should create content that would interest many readers.

However, don’t forget that consistency doesn’t mean creating so much content. One of the things I would recommend is to stay consistent, but you don’t have to make too much content. In the past five years, I increased my publishing rate to reach 6 to 8 articles per month. The articles included stories from interviews, historical and cultural posts, and personal experiences. I only realized the considerable effort I put in while studying/working full-time. I didn’t know it until I decided to reduce my publishing activity last year. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it! Indeed, it was one of the most pleasant things to be able to write about things I discovered in this journey of life. It is a learning experience for me as well.

Initially, it put tremendous pressure on me as I thought I was failing as a blogger. Later, I decided to continue publishing, even if only by publishing one monthly article. As much as I love and enjoy storytelling, I began to see it differently. I learned from it that blogging is not stagnant, and as much as I enjoy it, it doesn’t have to stay the same. The thrive and ambition I had for blogging are still inside me and may not be as high as I thought. Sometimes, you have to let it be, which I decided to do, eventually.

Not forgetting to mention, the person behind the blog will not remain the same; in terms of activity, I decided to no longer pressure myself into writing more or a lot to satisfy my ego. Reducing blogging activity/publishing while remaining consistent each month doesn’t necessarily have a negative effect. I am going back to the same management technique I used in 2017. Going back to basics can help a lot!

Regardless of how blogging has turned out, I will always be grateful that I get to blog and write, even if the current time seems a little hazy. I spent many days of the last weeks just editing random drafts I had piling on the blog. Many of them are still far from finished, but sometimes, it was all I needed to do. Writing doesn’t always mean publishing. Writing can be for the sake of the craft, and that’s the beauty of it.

This article is a little reminder to myself and all other bloggers of written content and other content creators to keep going and to do what suits you best. What matters is that you do what you enjoy and remember the delight you feel whenever you write. Taking a break or not writing for days, weeks, and months doesn’t disqualify you from blogging. Take time to find yourself, have other priorities, or do what works for you. All are valid and wouldn’t make you less of a writer.

I am glad I have been writing and sharing my work for six years. It has helped me improve my writing skills and better organize my thoughts. Hopefully, I can get to do it for years to come. Many thanks to everyone who dedicated part of their time to read my work, share it, or even send words of encouragement. You have made my time as a blogger extra special.