I hope this letter finds you well. You can tell that we have not met yet and maybe it took longer than I thought. Anyway, I am not going to argue with fate on this matter. Everything happens for a reason and there must be a reason behind this. Nonetheless, my mind is full of thoughts and things I want to tell you and maybe you will get to read this letter before we meet and only then, you will understand. Maybe through this open letter, I wanted to say what I might not get the chance to say but this piece is a chance.

I will

pretend that you will be the only one reading this knowing that many others will read this too. I think you must know these things first. I am not perfect and actually, no one is. But I want you to know that I will accept you with your whole being. The good and the bad, and I will not judge you. In fact, I will support and understand you with all the things you believe in. Trust me, I have space to embrace you for who you are. 
I have always struggled with acceptance. It is a fear of mine. My mood and mindset are two things that not everyone can accept and understand. Previously, I have been mistaken when people get close. Eventually, I found myself creating boundaries so no one can get too close to judge me. At least these boundaries are what I can control. Therefore, I no longer want to have this fear if I am to meet you.


I want you to accept me as I am and I don’t want to think twice before I say anything to you. I don’t want you to judge my choices, the way I look, or the way I express myself. I want to be myself with you and to feel understood because I will do my very best to understand you. Please, don’t try to hide any part of yourself from me. I’ll love you even if I don’t agree with you. I will love you regardless. 
I don’t want you to be perfect and I want you to be yourself no matter what. I want you to be happy with your own self. Also, I don’t want you to say that I am your source of happiness. In fact, I want you to find happiness within yourself.

Happiness Comes From Within First

Be happy with yourself before being happy with me because it will only add to our happiness. Through our mutual support and love, rise to become exponentially greater people. Keep in mind that I am a funny person to be with. You will enjoy dancing and music. These two are integral parts of my life and you will see me dancing and singing a lot. I adore dogs and my mom once joked about me having more dogs than having kids and I think this is true. I like cats but I don’t love them.

I will never use your words against you and I hope you never use mine against me. You must know that I spend a lot of my time writing and you will read many drafts. Good drafts but mostly bad drafts. I express a lot through writing. I will take your opinion on titles and pieces before I publish them. You will inspire me to come up with new articles and expect us having discussions on the pieces I will write or even wrote before. It is okay if you don’t agree with me on everything I write. However, I hope you support my choices and what I choose to write about. I know that I will write about you and us and hopefully, they will be happy and beautiful stories.

Dreams in Love

Balance is key and I want us to have balance in our relationship. I believe that Love on its own can be problematic and it is not enough. We must understand all the different variables of this equation and that communication is very important. I don’t want you to tell me that you love me all the time. I prefer to see it and feel it through your actions. You must know that I am an adventurous person even if I don’t seem like it but I like to discover life. I want to live my life with a purpose and maybe I am in the route of finding it. I want us to discover things together and learn more about this world. But most importantly, I want us to learn from each other.

I want us to travel, meet people, and make memories through this journey of life. Hard times will be there to test us and our resilience but I will do my very best to work things out with you. As I mentioned, communication is key and in hard times, it can turn out very effective. I don’t know if I wrote too much but the bottom line, life is a journey and it will be something we will get to go through together. 

Yours sincerely,