As most of you know, I am a Libyan citizen. I was born and raised in Tripoli the capital. As I grow older, my love for this city grows bigger and bigger. It is ironic because when I was younger, all I wanted is to live abroad but it all changed when the revolution broke in the country. We left the country and we stayed abroad for about six months. Living abroad for a short period of time showed me how much I love my country but especially, Tripoli.
Whenever I drive my car downtown, I am blown away by Tripoli’s pure beauty and modesty. It is a fascinating city with a wonderfully rich culture and history. In spite of the Italian colonization, Tripoli preserved its authenticity. You can clearly see the Italian touch  in buildings with high arcs.

Every time Omar Al-Mokhtar street is jammed with traffic, I find myself gazing at the little details of the old Italian buildings as if it is my first time to see them or maybe I am afraid of forgetting them. Capturing a picture for my memory. Although I have been living in Tripoli my entire life but still, I find myself discovering it all over again. 
Once you get to Martyrs Square which is surrounded by Al-Saraya Red Castle and its fountain alongside the corniche from one side, and Al-Migaryaf and Mezran Streets from the other side. As the old saying says: “All roads lead to Rome” but here, all roads lead to Martyrs Square, literally.

The love I hold in my heart for Tripoli can never be described with words but I am sure that there are hundreds not if thousands of people out there who  love a city they visited or lived in. Sadly, some people are blinded by other cultures that they cannot see the beauty of theirs.
Concluding, I am fortunate enough that I could discover the love I have for this captivating city early. I hope people can discover their country’s history before it’s too late. Tripoli is part of our home Libya because as far as we could reach, I am sure we will eventually return back home.