Source: Archnet

The ancient mosque of Ghadames is a prominent monument in the old city of Ghadames. It was built in 45 Hijri immediately after the Islamic conquest. The mosque has been standing for over 14 centuries in the heart of the Libyan desert at the border triangle of Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria. This mosque is a significant historical site and provides insight into the region’s rich history. In terms of location, it is situated between the localities of Walid and Wazit. In 1942, during World War II, Ghadames underwent an air raid that collapsed one-half of the mosque and cracked the other half. Subsequently, the mosque was entirely reconstructed, incorporating various modern facilities and improvements.

Details of The Ancient Mosque

During the Italian occupation, the mosque was used as a platform for speeches calling for independence. It has also hosted visits by famous Egyptian Qur’an reciters. Despite the bombings that the city has endured, the mosque has remained standing. It has continued to host substantial religious events throughout history. There are two square minarets and a mobile pulpit, and at some period, it was also known as the Mosque of Warnugen III.‎ Only the mihrab and parts of the bodies of the stone columns remain from the old mosque.‎ It was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1986 as part of the ancient city of Ghadames.‎