Looking at the title, you must have thought I would use terms such as ”Love in the time of Corona” and you will read a story about a love story during this hard time of the widespread of the virus and the increasing cases worldwide. However, I am sorry to disappoint you but this piece is not about a love story but about our life with Corona.

I am more of raising awareness and sending virtual support to those who might need it. People must not take it for granted. It is spreading quickly and Europe is the region suffering the most from this virus and serious measures have been taken in many countries now regarding flights and interaction with people and many countries forced isolation on its citizens as a precaution measurement. 
It is important that you watch over your personal hygiene. Wash your hands and avoid hugging and kissing. Avoid using your hands to open the door or touch any surface outdoors and wash wash wash your hands. People might take it for granted but it is a serious situation and no one knows what might happen next. The World Health Organization declared it an pandemic and we must take our personal measures to protect ourselves first and foremost. 
Quarantine is important so you can protect yourself and there are many things you can do while being isolated during social distancing. These notes are also a reminder for me as I am in quarantine in my own room and some readers could benefit from them too. First, get lost in any form of art, read more books (especially if you are not a student like me and you will have virtual classes but make sure to read that book you have been planning on reading for a while). Meditate and I think it can greatly help during this time to reduce stress.

Reduce your time outside and try to use this time to cook healthy food and only go out when necessary. Make your environment a comfortable and peaceful space. Don’t let this hard time bring out the worst in you. You may not be able to touch people and hug them but you can video call them and reach out to them and tell them how much they mean to you. Again, we don’t know what is going to happen next but we have to be prepared.

I am sure you are all reading much news about the virus and the crazy number of deaths but try to be picky and gather the relevant facts and avoid ruminating on information that is out your control. Stress hurts the immune system too. Make sure you make healthy food and also focus on your mental health and choose uplifting content and don’t focus on uncertainties.

Don’t forget to share virtual acts of kindness, face-time a friend, listen to music with a dear person through Skype or any means of online communication, text your loved ones and tell them how much you care about them and just comfort them. Your words can truly help. 
Being alone during this time is extra hard and support is much needed but I am blessed to have amazing friends and family who are supportive through this. I am currently undergoing self-isolation as France began taking serious measures and steps to fight this epidemic from spreading even more in France. Nothing is confirmed but all we have is faith and we can hold on to it and pray that this time shall end soon and life will be restored to normal.